16. April, 2013

#17 Loch in der Wand

Maria C. Hilber | Sergio Valenzuela

Inspired by the „glory holes“ and their potential of being a socially designed network, Maria and Sergio developed two different approaches to share processes and ideas with people and with this creating a sort of „cabinet of expression“. This will be exposed in the [huː fʌk off] space through a simple interactive system, opening view with voyeuristic methods to the “Library of Screams” and painted bodies from the “Selk’nam people”. We invite you to experience and to embark upon multiple interpretations, also providing insights to our notions of proximity and distance. Our curiosity is a trigger into unveiling the sociability of bodies and to reflect about them in nowadays’ context – a journey through human wildness starting from fragments of the body to the encounter with our basic instincts. The final outcome is an installation with two collections: screams and wild dance.


24.April 2013 | 19 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung
24.April 2013 | 04.Mai 2013


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